Photos of Kissing Bugs – Carrier of the Chagas’ Disease Parasite

Kissing Bugs
Reduviid Bug


Kissing Bug Photos
Photo credit: Glenn Seplak gauchocat

Kissing bugs may also be called “bloodsuckers, “conenose bugs”, assassin bugs, or “vinchuca”.

Order: Hemiptera, family: Reduviidae.

Author: Kate

I had a wonderful Neopolitan Mastiff who passed away from Chagas Disease. Although previously thought to be prevalent in third world countries, Chagas is also found in many areas of the United States. By spreading information about the disease the author hopes that others may be able to avoid Chagas infections.

4 thoughts on “Photos of Kissing Bugs – Carrier of the Chagas’ Disease Parasite”

  1. what is the difference between T.crise in africa which is transmitted by Tse TSe fly. T. Crise is very common livestock diseae in africa . have they got relation?.

  2. i had one on my hand whilst useing a computer in crosby library i felt it bite i looked it up in a insect book and it was the same . i had never seen one before or known about them until then

  3. Now here in Texas it’s changed to the point that you don’t have to get bitten, just come in contact with feces. And dogs like to eat bugs, therefore getting the rotten disease. It’s terrible.

  4. Could this kissing bug be similar to the tsetse fly in any wayor they could be in the same class and can carry same traits?
    These are as well common in Africa!This is quiet worrying all countries need to join hands to find an immediate solution to this disease to prevent and reduce any further infections to the population.For “There is nobody who is a total failure if he dares to try to do something worthwhile”(Robert H Schuller).

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